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The ecstasy of studying in a foreign country, learning new ideas, meeting opportunities, making new friends, traveling , learning other people’s languages, customs, and traditions can be quite an exciting and wonderful adventure in the life of a student. Saint Augustine rightly put it “the world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page”.

Most students will jump at the slightest chance of going abroad to study, unfortunately not everyone is privileged to cover the expenses involved. There are scholarship programs given out by some educational institutions in most of these countries, it could be part-scholarship or fully-paid-scholarship programs. To become part of such scholarship program, the prospective candidate is faced with the task of convincing the jury through a perfectly-written essay. It requires brilliance, intelligence, luck and a high penchant personality to show that you deserve that monetary investment in your education. Remember that many other students are also trying to get their studies financed abroad also.

Getting selected for studying abroad in your preferred educational institution, standing tall among your other prospective students and having an edge over your contemporaries, you will need to deliver a good, impactful and insightful composition.

Below are few steps to follow to write a fascinating and captivating study abroad essay:

1: Give reason why you choose to study in that country.

The question gives you an opportunity to explain what attracted you choosing such country to study in their institution. What excites and interests your choice of the country. This is because the jury wants to know if you truly care and understand the journey you are undertaking. This will show that you will not take your study abroad experience for granted and you already have your mission statement ready to roll.

2: Showcase your personality

Let yourself shine through, showing some enthusiasm, true strength, skills, and how you have been able to harness them overtime. Do not be afraid to get a little personal and letting your true colours fly. Be honest and civil. Just be sure to always tie your passions, goals and dreams back to how this study abroad experience will help you through the rest of your life.

3: What are your academic goals for a study abroad experience?

This question requires you giving honest, sincere and concise response. Your expectations from your career, ambition and ability to plan ahead. The best way to attempt such response would be to determine your current academic paths and how this career plays into helping you reach your ultimate goals.

4: How would you incorporate your study abroad experience into your life after your studies abroad?

Describe how the experiences you will acquire studying abroad impact your life, the benefits you will enjoy, the people you will meet from different backgrounds and lifestyles, languages learnt which is a great advantage to one’s career in this global economy and how the experience makes you understand and appreciate how people from different cultures approach life, thereby solving life challenges.

5: Describe why you are best qualified

Remember the scholarship offer is limited and your chosen program wants to be represented by the best candidate. Write about your strengths, mention major academic accomplishments, work experiences, or skills you might find useful abroad, no matter how little it mat appear. Also, focus on why granting you the opportunity to study abroad would benefit the sponsors.

6: What do you hope to learn or discover in your time abroad?

You can explain how studying abroad will enable you get at specific kind of jobs back home. The foreign exposures, acquired skills, cultures especially languages and how you will use it to help people expand their opportunities back home.

7: Finish with strong conclusion

It is important to tie together your original points; reasons for studying abroad, personality, academic goals for the future and usefulness of studying abroad all together in a simple, concise and plain manner. Do not repeat yourself, be sincere and stay true to yourself and your ideas.

8: Dot your I’s and T’s

Finally, to avoid typos, mistakes, errors, re-visit and have edit your essay again. If possible, get someone else to have a thorough glance at it to get a perfectly-written study abroad essay.


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